WOA 2015 - XVI WORKSHOP dei docenti e ricercatori di organizzazione aziendale

During the last days of May Inovar senior partner Dr. Caterina Muzzi attended the XVI Workshop of Organizational Design and HRM Scholars (WOA), hold in Padua, that had the evocative title “Back to basics: searching for new forms of organizing”. All the papers presented and the round tables made up with entrepreneurs and start-upper have been focused on the roots of the discipline and their development for the application in actual economic and social ground. In this edition, the organizers acknowledged an increasing interest of the business environment towards the collaboration with the scientific world and they got an active and motivated participation of both entrepreneurs and HR managers. This year’s edition has also welcomed the new-born Italian Association of Organizational Design and HRM Scholars (ASSIOA) that represents an important step for the standing of the discipline in the scientific and managerial Italian field. Moreover during the conference a significant partnership has been announced: next year’s WOA will be held in July 2016 in Naples together with the EGOS Colloquium, one of the most important international conferences on Organization Studies.
For further information, please visit woa2015.assioa.it